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Nothing is easier than now to book your car with driver over the Internet. In any case, we will quickly recontactons to confirm your date, time and place of appointment.

To reserve
A driver can support a client anywhere provided it remains in the town which it depends. Elsewhere, ie outside the town will require that there was an order from the customer. It may later you take when you want to, including abroad.

 The driver can not refuse you a receipt in the amount of running done. Do not hesitate to ask. The list must include the following: No. of taxi, instead of support and customer filing date of the race, applied tariffs, prices include VAT, possible supplements. However, this is not an invoice. If you need an invoice, report it to the driver and our accounting department will send you.

 A driver may refuse to climb or descend packages in public areas, loading parcels with a total weight would exceed 100 kg or a unit weight of over 30 kg or which may damage or soil the vehicle. It can refuse to transport an animal (except guide dogs) or a customer of obvious intoxication. This shall not obliged to wait over an hour to stop client, unless previously agreed.

 Finally, it can only be resolve a race to advance between 22 hours and 6:00 am, or for important journeys. In this case, it may request a provision of an approximately equal amount to the estimated fare, a worker regularization on arrival
Urgent need for a taxi?
 Contact now our plant. When you call , the operator will inform you of availability and the waiting time . Our taxis are available to take you to your destination .
 An important appointment ?
 When you book a taxi, all your order details are saved. Twenty minutes before the appointed hour , your taxi is sent to the appointed address.

 Detail-oriented ?

 Our operators work 7 days on 7, 24h on 24h to reserve you the best hospitality and process your requests reliably and efficiently . All our drivers are experienced and circulate the official rates.
For traveling around or traveling and to go where transit does not go, or will no longer because it is too early or too late , sometimes you need a flexible and user-friendly transport solution . This is what offers TAXI EUROPE with its vehicles at your service 365 days a year .
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